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This is the official website from Key Capital Partners, Agencia de Valores, S.A. (hereinafter “KCP”), a company registered at the Madrid’s Commercial Registry under the Volume 27.585, Sheet 137, Section 8, Page M-497100, with registered domicile at Calle Salustiano Olózaga 5, 3rd Floor, 28001, Madrid, Spain; and VAT number A-85874865. KCP is under the prudential supervision from the Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) and it is registered with the CNMV under the number 242 (please refer to All the business services provided by KCP are in full compliance with the existing legislation and are under the prudential supervision from the CNMV and the AML control from the Spanish Financial Intelligence Unit (

The following terms govern the use from the Internet domain (hereinafter the “Website”) by those individuals who are located in Spain (the “Users”). By accesing and using the Website the Users agree with all the terms governing the Website.


1. Liability’s limitation

The content of this Website is exclusively for information purposes; it is neither an offer to sale nor an offer to acquire nor a recommendation to engage into a transaction. Likewise, the content of the Website does not entail the provision of financial services or any sort of investment advice. The information herein contained, reflects solely KCP’s opinion, which can be amended without prior notice. Although the information contained on this website comes from trustworthy information resources, KCP cannot guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the information. KCP shall not assume any liability arising from the use of the information and opinions contained at the Website by Users with the purpose to undertake any financial transaction. Users must take their own investment decisions by requesting professional advice as to the suitability of the financial instruments which might be referred on the Website as well as taking into account its own personal situation and investment objectives.

KCP declines any responsibility from any access by those users located in other jurisdiction different from Spain where such use could be deemed to be against local laws and regulations. Certain services provided by KCP may not be available or authorized in certain jurisdiction or for certain users.

KCP does not guarantee the availability and the continuity of the Website or from those websites linked to the Website. KCP shall not be responsible for any damage arising from: (i) any failure to access the Website or a failure to access to any of the websites linked to the Website; (ii) malfunction or interruption on the Access to the Website, failures, breakdowns or blockages from the Website or from the weblinks; (iii) lack of suitability of the Website or the weblinks for satisfying specific needs from the Users; (iv) changes on the content of weblinks which had taken place subsequently to its incorporation on the Website; (v) Other damage that may be caused by third parties through unauthorized interference outside the control of KCP ; and ( vi ) in general, the use that users and / or third parties of the Website.

KCP might use third’s party content as well as third party’s weblinks; regardless of KCP’s due diligence on reviewing the content of the weblink at the moment to share it through the Website, KCP shall not guarantee after the date on which the weblink was shared, the legality, reliability, usability, trustworthiness, accuracy, completeness of such weblink or its content.


2. Intellectual Property

User acknowledges and agrees that, unless otherwise stated by KCP, all the intellectual and industrial rights upon the contents from the Website belong to KCP in those terms agreed by the legislation in force. By no means, the access to the Website entails either a waiver of a right, or transfer or an assignment of rights in favor of the Users. The access to the Website does not grant any right in connection with the Website of its content (namely, to use, alter, exploit, reproduce, distribute or disclose the content). Any use or exercise of rights by third parties shall be subject to a previous and written authorization from KCP.


3. Website’s access and use

KCP reserves the right to update, amend, or remove, at any time the conditions of access and use of the Website; also KCP reserves the right to suspend, discontinue or cease operating the Website at any time.


4. Data Protection & Privacy

In accordance with the Spanish Data Protection Law (LO 15/1999 December 13th), KCP confirms that all personal data provided by the User before, during or after any business relationship, shall be kept by KCP by means of a data file owned by KCP. User is informed of his right of opposition, access, rectification and cancellation of their personal data in the terms provided by law, may exercise this right in writing by letter to Key Capital Partners, Agencia de Valores , S.A. , C / Salustiano Olozaga , 5, 3rd, Madrid 28001 , Spain.


5. Cookies policy

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