About us


In Key Capitlal Partners, we base our value proposition in three pillars:


Our services benefit from the independence and information that only an investment firm may offer. We are at the core of corporate clients, funds and credit institutions. This positioning is perfect to find the optimal solution for every actor. Our objective is to maximize and protect the returns of every investment or position. We spot the risks and we control the strategy and execution.


Key Capital Partners has a team of professionals with extensive experience in Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Investments. We have a deep understanding of financial structures, from the simplest to the most complex.

Comprehensive information

We provide our clients with transparent, up-to-date, relevant information so that they have full visibility to back their decision-making. As a result of our leading position, we keep daily contact with several trading and investment teams among the most important financial institutions, ensuring a high-level insight into markets.

Key Capital Partners, A.V. is registered with Spain’s National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) with number 242.



  • Key Capital Partners manages assets through investment vehicles.
  • Our objective is to invest in the best listed companies in the world.
  • Prudently and without the use of leverage, we take advantage of our derivatives DNA to improve our exposure and profitability.

Capital markets advisory

  • Financing / Liquidity optimization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Managing investees
  • Marking-to-market


  • European leader in equity derivatives
  • Key trader in volatility of Spanish assets
  • Among Europe’s top three in Delta One

Corporate Finance

  • M&A
  • Portfolio transactions
  • Independent valuations
  • Equity Capital Markets