Key Capital is an active broker in:

Single Stock options

Started in 2010, our brokerage team has maintained a market share of approximately 60% in single stock options on Spanish underlyings. Twice as much as its nearest competitor. Since 2015 the desk has extended its services to European underlyings and has quickly become one five most relevant market players in Europe.

Index options

Our Index team covers the main European indicators such as Eurostoxx, Cac, Ftse Mib with a special focus on Ibex 35. Key Capital Partners has ranked first in terms of market share over the last three years.

Delta 1

Our Delta 1 desk covers all dividends related products on European names. Key Capital Partners ranks top three in Europe in dividend futures. We are leader in dividend brokerage on single stocks and indexes including the largest player in Ibex35 dividend futures, and top three player for CAC40 and FTSE100. Since 2016, the team has expanded its service to Eurostoxx dividends and sectorial indexes.

Swaps funding

Key Capital Partners covers the collateralised financing market for our clients by providing prices and liquidity on Total Return Swaps and Stock Borrow Lending.

Rates derivatives

Key capital Partners expanded its institutional clients coverage in 2018, with the hiring of its new Interest Rates derivatives team

The team of three covers investment banks rates desks, hedge funds and asset managers on G7 rates exchange traded derivatives

Their focus is to add value on a daily basis, via:

– Best Execution and liquidity providing services
– A global market coverage on market moving news, flows, press articles.
– Market intelligence identifying profitable patterns, trends, directional and relative value opportunities across curves