Capital markets

Key Capital Partners assists clients throughout the decision-making process:
  • Identifying needs and defining objectives.
  • Choosing the right strategies.
  • Marking to market.
  • Advising on execution.
  • Training derivatives teams.
  • Monitoring and evaluating strategies until expiry.
The main areas where we provide advisory services are:
  • Financing and liquidity optimization
Derivatives are ideal instruments to finance new positions or maximise the liquidity of existing portfolios. Key Capital Partners has deep knowledge on the use of derivatives to reach these objectives with the comfort of executing at fair market prices.
  • Risk mitigation
Key Capital Partners advises on mitigating any kind of risk ( including credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk etc…) associated with derivatives.
  • Approaching buyers specialized in credit and interest rate risk.
  • Structuring credit risk roll-overs and hedges.
  • Finding alternative structures to mitigate unwanted risks.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality of the seller’s identity. “No name basis” market access
  • Derivatives in investees and acquisition of stakes
Key Capital Partners advises on managing portfolios of existing stakes, as well as acquisitions and divestments.
  • Hedging and/or increasing the return on stakes through options.
  • Choosing the best structure for buy-outs using liquidity, market risk and yields as main criteria.
  • Executing block trades and large transactions.
  • Pricing and supervising the issue of exchangeable bonds and other hybrid structures.
  • Fair, independent valuation of derivatives
Key Capital Partners advises on mark-to-market pricing of positions, and on the implementation of new strategies to comply with new regulations (EMIR, Dodd-Frank…).
  1. Analysis of market liquidity and market depth.
  2. Risk analysis and mitigation.
  3. Assessment of strategies’ future performance.